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Tour de San Andreas - Stage 1

Hey everyone. I just found this community. I love GTA, but its killing my GPA.

I wanted to let you guys know what we are doing.

I am going to post courses. you hop on any bicycle you can find and time yourself with the in game clock. We will add up times after each stage and the lowest time wins. please, only post your first time. if you crash you crash, try to make it up on a diffrent leg. Also, these will be mostly road races so please stay on the road unless otherwise noted.

I am posting this on other boards, so put your times and at the end of each staged I will give combined results.

Stage 1 - Angel Pines to Flint Interchange Course map

Start at the corner of the eastmost street. follow road southeast, under the highway exit. take a right at intersection. Follow road around and under highway again, past the autoparts place and past the raod that takes you to SF. take a right toward B.O.B. and follow through to flint interchange. take a left at intersection and go under exit. finish is the gas station. It is best to start at an easy time (i.e. 24:00 or 12:00) that way you don't have to worry about remembering the exact minute. Good luck.

*If you crash, hop back on your bike and keep going. no time deduction other than the time it takes to get back on the bike. Just don't start over unles your bike goes into the water and is irretrievable. Post times when complete. one stage a day for a week (7 stages).

** This is running on a few GTA boards and times are around four minutes. Post your times in the comments.
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